BIWa Internship Program

Job Description

The Business lnstitute’s lnternship Program is an opportunity for students ages 16 to 20 to learn about research techniques, the process of creating public policy, and web communication technology. Business lnstitute interns have the opportunity to participate in community outreach/education programs and meet and work alongside key individuals highly engaged in the public policy arena.

As an intern with the Business lnstitute, students will be working with various groups involved with creating public policy, from nonprofit groups and private companies, to elected officials as well. The Business lnstitute recruits civic-minded individuals who are interested in expanding their knowledge of public policy research and its effects on the business climate in Washington state. Orientation and training will be provided at the inception and throughout the internship period. lnterns will be working with the Business lnstltute’s President and may be assigned to different work groups depending on project requirements.

lnterns’ responsibilities will include, but not be limited to:

  • • Work exclusively on behalf of the Business lnstitute during the normal business hours of 9:00am-5:00pm (during school, immediately after school until 5:00pm);
  • • lntegrate talents and expertise with The Business lnstitute’s four-person staffing team;
  • • Compile legislative voting records for 49 State Senators and 98 State Representatives;
  • • Assist with online fundraising analysis and research.
  • • Creatively develop website copy and post it on the Business lnstitute’s website;
  • • Represent The Business lnstitute with the President in coordinating educational efforts with other pro-business organizations.
  • • Establish and maintain all educational files and correspondence. These files and correspondence will remain the property of the Business lnstitute.


  • • Paid and non-paid internships available.
  • • lnterns will have the option of being compensated by taking school credit.
  • • Mileage and travel costs will be compensated.

Application Criteria

The Business lnstitute’s lnternship Program is offered to High School and college students ages 16 to 22. Having community service experience and/or speaking another language is desirable, but not a requirement.

To Apply

Applicants should send The Business lnstitute a resume with two (2) references. Please send a resume via email to [email protected] Students applying for the Business lnstitute lnternship Program are encouraged to call Bl staff with further questions at (425) 313-0074.

When to Apply

The Business Institute accepts applications for fall and winter internships in the month of August. Spring and summer internship applications are accepted in the month of March.